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My name is Lucy and I have never blogged before. Well that's a lie. I have, but it was this one, and I neglected it for a little while... I live in a commuter town outside London having moved here about a year and a half ago after making some pretty big changes in my life. I share a beautiful little cottage on the Grand Union Canal with 1 crazy beautiful little girl and an equally crazy cat called Bandit (appropriately named as he now lives in all the houses on the street and steals...). Lawyer/working mum and it would appear, terminally single (I've reserved my spinster plaque already) I was fortunate to escape the evil commute about a year ago but seem to have less time than ever.... If I entertain you, make you laugh or fume (or make you have an emotion of ANY description) then my job is done. Enjoy x

Monday, 16 July 2012

The wait is over!! Cupcake-Vicki-Jackies

Not sure what's happened the past couple of weeks. My blog-tivation has nosedived. I blame the weather (and the diet, who wants to bake when they can't stuff their face with the results??). Utter utter shite. We weren't going to take a sun holiday this year but I've got to the point where I can't bear the rain and the cold and the distinct lack of sun anymore! I mean, its July and I'm wearing a scarf, going to bed in winter PJs and contemplating putting the heating back on. My mother had the fire on on Sunday FFS!!! Needless to say I have announced we WILL be having a holiday and no one can sway me on that.


Anyway, so yes, rant over. So all those weeks ago I blogged about the uber cute Mini-Vicki-Union-Jackies and left y'all on tenterhooks* about what I did with the cupcake sized version....

We were going to my neighbours** for BBQ, Booze and Baked Goods (ok, that wasn't an actual theme but well I always bring baked goods whenever possible!). It was still the Jubilee weekend and it still seemed appropriate to be all patriotic so I decided to bring the Cupcake-Vicki-Jackies. Equally cute but a LOT less time consuming than their miniature counterparts, without further ado, I present to you, Cupcake-Vicki-Jackies:

6. So taking the larger cupcake sized sponges and starting at (and replacing) step 6 of the Mini-Vicki-Union-Jackies, spoon the whipped cream into a piping bag (or plastic sandwich bag with the corner cut) and squeeze blobs of cream all over the top (or swirls or spread it, your call).

7. Take a whole strawberry, cut lengthwise into quarters then finely slice each quarter. Decorate the cakes with four strawberry slices (fat end in the centre at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions), a blob of cream in the centre and finish with a blueberry.

                                          DONE! Seriously, that's it! Super simple and pretty tasty.

*FYI, having read the blog my father then sent me an email to explain what "tenterhooks" are....W.O.W. thanks Dad.....
**Read "very bad influence on me"


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! You can't fail with Mary Berry. I am a convert!

  2. Hi Lucy,

    I'm happy at first reading your blog but sad that you have not resume your blogging since July.

    These cakes look delicious!


    1. Hi Zoe,

      Thanks for checking it out. You are right though, I have been completely rubbish lately. Unfortunately work has exploded and I am doing ridiculous hours again....there are blogs in draft...and I made a superb cake for my little girl's birthday this past weekend. So....

      Watch this space.