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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

With my job I eat out all the time.  I've eaten in expensive places and cheap places and been both underwhelmed and overwhelmed at both extremes.  I guess I could review all these places and who knows, maybe I will but only when it is worth mentioning.  This father's day weekend, 2 restaurants deserve a mention.

Father's Day Meal #1
Since hubby's football coaching takes over our lives every Sunday, hubby wasn't around today (although that makes it much easier for me as I can take my daddy out and just look after him).  So on Saturday, after he played his present of a round of golf at Luton Hoo, we grabbed our coats and headed out to the Chinese restaurant in town, Chef Peking.  What a brilliant idea.  The food was good, but its not the food I'd go back for, its the staff.  Having an extremely inquisitive toddler I usually find restaurant experiences daunting, overwhelming and a fast-track pass to indigestion.  Pose is usually quite good (and I admit I use my iPad/iPhone as necessary....) but when she's naughty I feel like public enemy no. 1.  You know the look, it screams "why can't you control your child".  Such fun!

Le Pose lived up to my expectations (although she really was not that bad) but the staff were fantastic.  They were all super friendly to us but most importantly, my girl.  Even though it was a busy Saturday night, there was endless patience, smiles and attempts to make her giggle.  Our night was completed with a lollipop for each hand.  Its also worth mentioning the fish tank that helped hold her attention between courses.  There are 2 tables right next to the tank and the next time we go (and there will be a next time with service like this) we intend to call ahead to try to get one of the fish tank tables.

Pose passed out on the way home, a happy little monkey.

Father's Day Meal #2
So on to today and since my mother was away (who can make choosing a restaurant slightly...ahem...tricky) we decided to take father dearest somewhere different.  We all like a good curry in our family so having done a little research into restaurants near(ish) by I booked Chez Mumtaj, an upmarket French/Asian restaurant.  This is also a great restaurant.  The food is super yummy and again, we had great service.  Our waiter made helpful suggestions for Pose and they were fine with our endless trips to see the bubble tank that changes colour.  At one point, in an attempt to let me eat, the same waiter came back having set up a chair for her to sit on next to the bubbles and took her off to enjoy the bubble colours.  She came back after a little while announcing he was her best friend.  When it was time to leave she sobbed. 

They also have a great private dining room which I am eager to try for the next party we do (in fact Rosetta has requested we do that....).

So a Pose seal of approval to each of Chef Peking and Chez Mumtaj.  We'll be back! 

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