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My name is Lucy and I have never blogged before. Well that's a lie. I have, but it was this one, and I neglected it for a little while... I live in a commuter town outside London having moved here about a year and a half ago after making some pretty big changes in my life. I share a beautiful little cottage on the Grand Union Canal with 1 crazy beautiful little girl and an equally crazy cat called Bandit (appropriately named as he now lives in all the houses on the street and steals...). Lawyer/working mum and it would appear, terminally single (I've reserved my spinster plaque already) I was fortunate to escape the evil commute about a year ago but seem to have less time than ever.... If I entertain you, make you laugh or fume (or make you have an emotion of ANY description) then my job is done. Enjoy x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A birthday cake fit for a Princess!

So's been a while...

A thousand apologies and I really have no better excuse than simply life got in the way. When I started this blog I was embarking on my client secondment to work with a great bunch of people. This year has simply flown by - I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. Work got really busy, home life seemed to all be piling on top of us and I kept downloading damn viruses on my laptop so couldn't write the posts (I am attempting to write this post on the Blogger app on my iPad....). Plus on top of that, my secondment has finished and I am back into the thick of it with work and 2am finishes are all too frequent. I guess I should be relieved that they aren't all nighters! So again, I apologise...


Ask my husband.

So moving very swiftly on. My little one turned 3 on Tuesday!! It's all going so fast - how can she be 3 already?! She really wanted a party so we thought we'd oblige, plus she also recently started nursery 2 mornings a week and has a couple of little friends now. We asked her what kind of a party she wanted and despite our attempts to steer it in certain directions, she was adamant she wanted a princess party (we are currently Disney princess obsessed). So...challenge for me then was a princess themed cake. I eventually settled on a castle cake. Cos that's easy right?!

Having discussed it in depth with my Ma and having looked on the Internet for ideas I knew what I wanted to do and what it would entail....and so instantly started panicking. On top of that, I was then told that I had to go to Prague on business the 3 days immediately before her party. Great. Nothing was going to plan. Eventually I ended up baking 3 square 8x8in cakes the weekend before and stored them in my parents freezer....

Fast forward to Friday and T-1 to party day I arrived back from Prague and, once travel presents were doled out, cuddles were given and Pose's were in bed I set about constructing the cake. Unfortunately I was so pushed for time I didn't take any photos of the actual process however it involved:

>> covering the base cake in white rolled icing (I'm sorry to admit I cheated and bought ready rolled sheets of white icing, I just couldn't afford mistakes and so far I have a meh track record with rolled icing) and inserting lollipop sticks into the centre to provide support for the next layer;

>> cutting the next cake to 4x4in square and covering that with more icing (my corners were sooooo clean!! Well chuffed!!) then butchering a plastic cutting board to sit the little cake on to then put on top of the base cake;

>> taking a small tin can that contained coconut cream, dumping that out, washing and thoroughly drying it and cutting the rim off with a can opener, then using that to cut 4 cakes out of the last big square cake and covering those in rolled icing and attaching them to the base cake;

>> with the assistance of the husband, trimming down 4 wafer ice cream cones, covering one with rolled icing then spraying them with edible blue glittery spray paint (I don't know if paint is the right word but...) and once dried attached to the top of the "turrets";

>> brushing edible gold glitter all over the cake;

>> putting mini-marshmallows all around for ramparts;

>> adding mini-bunting (my mum's contribution) to the top and some other flags, gold balls....

I was really proud of it, especially given how little time I had to get it all done. Pose seemed to really like it and the actual cake tasted pretty good - light and moist (yes, moist, I hate that word).


  1. Lucy you are awesome. Official.

  2. Why thank you! I was soooooo relieved to get it done!

  3. Aw, very cute. Good looking cake :)

    1. Thanks Anna. Its one of my favourites so far